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Unpaper Towels, set of 8


Sold out!

Due to the COVID-19, the fabric mill (which is in Brazil) that manufactures this fabric had to shut down. We bought all they had before the pandemic, and have run out. Hopefully they will re-open soon, and we can get back to making one of our favorite products.

Early last year we sadly ran out of our beloved Unpaper Towel fabric. It was waffle like, and absorbent, washed well, and it was a favorite! We have been on the search ever since with varying levels of success. When we found this fabric, we knew our search was over. These also have a waffle like texture, wash great, and are absorbent. Keep these on your counter as a paper towel replacement.

Uses: under freshly rinsed berries, as a napkin, wiping counters or hands, cleaning, under bacon, etc

100% cotton

set of 8

10 x 12inches

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